RecoveriX brain rehabilitation

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    TutorisFysio in Oulu and Pirkanmaa Specialist Rehabilitation have begun using the RecoveriX brain rehabilitation system, which enables verification of the activity occurring in a client’s brain while exercises are being done. The system has been developed specifically for rehabilitation of clients suffering from a stroke or other cerebrovascular problem, and it can be used for both acute phase- and chronic phase rehabilitation. The system can be used with clients whose functional capacity is impaired due to brain injury.

    The new brain rehabilitation system allows us to offer Tutoris clients a revolutionary, innovative form of rehabilitation.  The method has been shown to be highly effective in re-regulating the brain. The best results are achieved when rehabilitation is carried out in series of 20-25 treatment episodes.


    • brain damage may prevent you from being able to move, but it does not necessarily keep you from imagining movement.
    • when you think about movement, electrical stimulation is activated in your upper limb, and at the same time, visual and auditory feedback reinforce brain plasticity and the re-learning of movement
    • the RecoveriX system is used to enhance brain plasticity, and this plasticity is used as a means of increasing the client’s day-to-day independence and self-motivation
    • after each therapy session is over, the system displays an evaluation of the success of the exercises, and delivers a report on the progress of the rehabilitation
    • At Tutoris, the rehabilitation treatment is administered by physiotherapists and occupational therapists specialised in rehabilitation


    • individually-tailored, comprehensive therapy developed based on the client’s needs, including RecoveriX exercises combined with home exercises based on the client’s goals
    • remote guidance by a therapist during home exercise periods
    • 25 hr. therapy period
    • treatment carried out 2-3 times a week