The goal of physiotherapy is to promote the client’s functional abilities by providing guidance in the client’s immediate environment.

    Oulu: 020 742 4400
    Tampere: 03 3126 0300
    Rovaniemi: 016 364 552

    or apply for therapy by filling out the an electronic service form.
    (Appointments for Rovaniemi only by phone)

    We are a KELA service provider.

    physiotherapy to people from a range of different age groups who are
    in the process of recovery

    Musculoskeletal services
    Neurological rehabilitation
    Pain rehabilitation
    Technology-assisted rehabilitation
    Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT)
    Psychophysical physiotherapy
    Paediatric physiotherapy
    RecoveriX-brain rehabilitation
    Lymph therapy
    Canine-assisted physiotherapy
    Maternity physiotherapy
    Pelvic floor physiotherapy
    Voice Massage -therapy
    ProMassage, Sports massage

    rehabilitation in the client’s own enviroment

    Tutoris’ physiotherapy services can currently be accessed at:

    • Tutoris Pirkanmaan Erikoiskuntoutus Tampere
    • TutorisFysio Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Erikoiskuntoutus Oulu
    • TutorisFysio Lapin Erikoiskuntoutus Rovaniemi